10 years ago

From the Journal Tribune: “La Kermesse, the city’s Franco-American organization, has filed a lawsuit against George Gilmore, owner and operator of Smokey’s Greater Shows, alleging a breach of contract. Gilmore’s Penobscot business operates amusement rides at festivals and carnivals throughout the State of Maine. The suit comes after alleged code violations were found on Gilmore’s equipment at the annual La Kermesse in June.”

50 years ago

From the Biddeford-Saco Journal: “The two-day odyssey of Ivan the Terrible, a wily snow leopard, ended today with a rifle-fired tranquilizer dart. Ivan escaped from the Oklahoma City Lincoln Park Zoo Wednesday night and was shot today by a zoo employee as he peered into the darkness at people scurrying about 25 feet beneath his roof perch.”

100 years ago

From the Biddeford Daily Journal: “The Eastern Steamship Corporation’s steamer Bay State, from Boston for Portland, went ashore on Halycomb rock, just off the tip of Cape Elizabeth, during a heavy fog early today. The 150 passengers were taken off in lifeboats and dories and the steamer lies high and dry in a dangerous position.”

— Marissa Heffernan