What a perfect metaphor the other day when the backdrop curtain collapsed at Donald Trump’s so-called “press conference” about his birther announcement. Peel away the curtain of phony imagery his campaign has built, and there on the stage stood a small, pathetic man, naked to the world with many of his deep flaws on display.

Having built his campaign by stirring up the shameful lie of birtherism, he suddenly changes course and renounces it. That in itself is the mother of all flip-flops – and it leaves us wondering if he really believed all that birther nonsense in the first place, or was just using it for personal gain? Either way, the answer is disgusting.

But then he goes and blames the whole birther movement on Hillary Clinton, and actually credits himself with having “finished it.” Wow, shamelessly spinning, flagrantly lying and claiming false credit, all in one sentence!

But it continues: Having lured the press to this supposedly newsworthy event, he turns it into little more than a publicity tour of his own hotel. Is that what his entire presidency will be about – self-promotion?

Maybe most galling of all is the way he takes advantage of Medal of Honor recipients, using them almost like props. When the press tries to ask him some questions, he hides behind these men like a child cowering behind his mother, then flees without answering a single question.

This guy’s supposed to be tough? Courageous? Trustworthy? Transparent? Honorable? Tells it like it is? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Peter Gordon

South Portland