I cannot understand why the city of Portland is awarding a large tax break to an already-successful company.

If ImmuCell is profitable enough to expand in the city they call home, why should taxpayers subsidize their new offices? Is it because $375,000 was the only way to keep ImmuCell in Maine, as was reported in this newspaper Sept. 19?

Portland is home to thousands of successful businesses; not all of them consider growth the ultimate goal. Many businesses measure success in terms of how they help sustain the local economy and contribute to our culture. ImmuCell is apparently not one of them, and the City Council is subservient to their demands.

Portland should not subsidize a company simply because they are growing. And the City Council should never authorize subsidies to a company that threatens that, unless they’re given special tax breaks, they will leave the very city in which they thrived. This type of deal is un-American, anti-capitalist and an attack on equality.

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