I was honored to work with the Portland City Council recently, and to offer testimony at the public hearing when a new citywide ordinance banning the retail sale of puppy mill puppies and kittens passed unanimously Sept. 7.

In particular, the leadership provided by District 3 Councilor Ed Suslovic enabled the ordinance to come to a full vote before the council.

Along with David Brenerman and Belinda Ray on the council’s Health and Human Services Committee, who studied the issue closely, Suslovic saw the opportunity to lead on this important issue. (A similar proposal passed both houses of the Legislature in 2015 but fell victim to a veto frenzy.)

As a constituent of Councilor Suslovic, I’m grateful for his vision and leadership, I look forward to working with him in future efforts to expand upon this issue around the Portland area, and I will vote to re-elect him Nov. 8.

Gina Garey