Chief Edward Googins (Another View, Sept. 27) alleges that I made “false claims” about Question 3.

Not so, I say.

I’ll address one of his misunderstandings that’s important for voters.

Question 3 absolutely redefines the manner in which adults transfer firearms in Maine. The initiative’s definition of “transfer” is pulled from a section of Maine law about the “unlawful transfer of a firearm other than a handgun to a minor.” Adults are not minors.

This referendum would ban the loaning of firearms, barring very specific circumstances outlined in the “Exceptions” area of the proposal. My Sept. 23 op-ed pointed out activities where law would be violated without background checks transferring ownership. I related a personal story that would be a violation.

If Googins’ understanding of Question 3 is lacking. His understanding should call into question his association’s endorsement.

Our referendum process makes citizens legislators for the day. Make sure you understand the proposed law before voting.

Patrick Corey

Republican state representative