Here we go again. An out-of-state billionaire is spending millions of dollars to influence how Mainers vote on another citizen referendum question. In 2014, Maine’s bear hunting heritage was on the line; this year, it’s an assault on our firearms freedoms.

Maine is one of the safest places to live in the country. Why should I have to find a federally licensed firearms dealer and pay him $50 to sell or gift a firearm to a buddy, a law-abiding citizen who I’ve known most of my life?

The answer is, I shouldn’t, but I’ll have to if Question 3 passes.

If Michael Bloomberg and the Maine Gun Safety Coalition want to keep firearms out of the hands of felons, they need to be willing to put felons who are caught with firearms behind bars for at least five years. I’d support a Maine law that does that.

Vote “no” on Question 3.

Leonard Gehrke