I am writing in support of Pamela Smith’s candidacy for House District 23. I have known Pam for over 23 years both in a professional and a community service capacity. Pam has devoted her entire legal career advocating for children and families in the Maine Courts.

She is universally respected and held in high esteem by the Maine Judiciary and her legal colleagues. I have personally appeared and worked on at least 25 cases throughout my career where Pam has been appointed by the court to represent the children’s position and interest.

These cases are always difficult as they affect families lives. Although the result did not always support my clients’ views, you always knew that Pam would listen to everyone involved and that her investigation would be thorough, unbiased and that she would listen to everyone involved to determine the children’s best interests. She has an uncanny ability to apply a non-partisan approach to very challenging situations. Pam has also contributed hundreds of hours of pro bono legal services throughout her career to assist families in need.

Pam’s professional career mirrors her family life. She has lived in and raised her family in Standish for 18 years. She believes that everyone should have an opportunity for a great education, that all families should have affordable health care, and that all workers should have the opportunity to earn a living wage. Pam also knows what it means to run a small business and will protect the interests of small businesses from the Augusta bureaucracy. Pam will bring a common sense approach to Augusta and has the ability to generate consensus as she has done throughout her entire career. I urge you to support and vote for Pam Smith on Nov. 8.

Neil Jamieson
Cumberland County Commissioner