As a professional who, whenever possible, chooses to commute by bicycle from Windham (10.5 miles to Portland and 14.5 miles to Scarborough), I continue to celebrate the majority of motorists who afford me the required 3 feet and more.

I write today to call out those drivers who do not keep 3 feet between their vehicle and me! I also write because I believe some folks don’t get it.

I can name at least three respected people who were surprised when I explained it like this: “When you come to a bicyclist and there is not 3 feet for you to pass, the law requires that you slow down until there is 3 feet to pass.” No, really? Yes, really! You are wielding a deadly weapon.

Finally, on roadways like Forest and Brighton avenues in Portland and Route 1 in Scarborough, where there are double lanes of traffic but no breakdown lane, it is perfectly legal for a bicycle to take the right-hand lane! Please use the other lane to pass with the required 3 feet and refrain from honking.

Let’s all share the road. Thank you.

Patty Bruce