The author of a Sept. 17 letter to the editor (“Are the ‘deplorables’ more like the ‘The Incredibles’?”) expressed dismay that Hillary Clinton had suggested that Donald Trump supporters were “deplorable,” but the letter’s author did not denounce Trump’s actions and positions.

Vulgar comments, inciting physical assaults, ridiculing disabled people and inciting racial and religious intolerance are “deplorable.” Those who don’t denounce these actions and positions become tainted by them. Trump has unleashed a Pandora’s box of ugly speech, hate and actions.

Trump’s hateful, denigrating messages and actions conflict with Jesus’ uplifting message to love God and our neighbors, no matter who or where they are (Mark 12:28-34). To do the first, we must do the second!

Come November, we need to decide who we will follow: Jesus, who gave His life on the cross for us, or Trump, who appears to focus only on himself. Jesus offers eternal life. Our time on this on earth is brief; eternity is endless.

You decide!

Richard “Dick” Boislard


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