Tux Turkel’s article “Five easy ways to use less energy” (Page S1, Sept. 25) got the basics right on light bulbs. Unfortunately, the article in the Telegram’s print edition showed a graphic of a CFL bulb right over the words “LED Light Bulbs.” Things are confusing enough in the light bulb aisle of your local hardware store with so many choices these days!

Turkel says that he long ago got rid of incandescents and has been “trading the squiggly CFL bulbs in reading lamps and places where light quality matters.”

What does “trading” mean? It would have been clearer to suggest replacing CFLs with more efficient and much longer lasting LEDs, returning the CFL bulbs to a hardware store where they will be appropriately recycled because they contain mercury.

Finally, when choosing between LEDs, make sure they have the Energy Star label on the packaging.

Sam Saltonstall