Joseph J. Pietroski Jr.

banner-personalOffice sought: Senator – District 14
Age: 69
Occupation: Legislative & Financial Mgr for Maine Ass’n of Retirees; Past President, Maine Bankers Ass’n
Education: UMO, B.A. , 1969, and UMO M.A., 1971
Hometown: Winthrop
Family: Married to Doris Pietroski, Six Children: Peter, Kristin, Andrew, Michael, Tom, & Dan

Political experience:

Three-term Member of the Winthrop Board of Education, 2009-Present;
Finance Director for Congressman David Emery’s Congressional and Senate campaigns.
Member of the Winthrop Democratic Committee and Delegate to State Conventions
Member of the Winthrop Republican Committee and Delegate to State Conventions
Campaign Volunteer for Independent, Republican and Democrat Federal and State Candidates.
President Ronald Reagan appointee to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Executive Reserve Management Position
Governor LePage appointee to the State Board of Pharmacy.

Why are you running for office?

I was urged to run by people who know that I will represent the people of my Senate district not the Party Caucuses. The Legislature needs to refocus so that the needs of the residents of this great State are their highest priority. Recently, the Chairman of the Republican Party wrote that “those who oppose our policies are not our enemies, but our adversaries.” As an advocate and lobbyist for nearly three decades, I have witnessed too much adversarialism and a lack of cooperation and civility in the conduct of the State Legislature and other Government officials. My legislative priorities are (1) to lower property taxes by increasing state revenue sharing and the homestead tax credit. (2) Increase the availability of services for adults and students with disabilities. Each year nearly 1000 students graduate from high schools who need special services and programs to help them live independently and be able to participate in the the workforce. (3) Retired and current state employees, teachers, and municipal employees were promised COLAS when they retired. This is not happening consistently although these employees were promised this benefit as part of their employment benefits. This situation must be corrected. (4) As I have gone door to door and business to business, residents have told me that the tick problem is out of control and that the State needs to be more involved in preventing Lyme disease. Too many of our citizens now have to live with the effects of Lyme disease. Where is the State’s plan to address this crisis? (5) Another issue is a serious pocketbook issue. It is the destruction of cars and trucks occurring because the State is using calcium chloride to address snow and ice on our roads. I will ask the State to use alternate chemicals that will not destroy the brakes, gas lines, and underneath metal, etc., of Maine’s vehicles. And (6) I will join my fellow legislators in developing a plan to address the heroin and opiate crisis.

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