Teresa Montague


Office Sought: Representative – District 129
Age: 64
Occupation: Retired Environmental Scientist
Education: BS Environmental Science
Family: Widow of Donald Lee Duncan; son Eli B. Duncan
Hometown: Clifton

Political experience

My only official political experience was running in 2014 as House District 129 candidate for the Maine State Legislature.

Why are you running for office?

Why am I running? Because Maine needs new leadership!
I LOVE MAINE, our diverse natural environment and our people.
I’m tired of hearing my neighbors, friends, and family answer my question of “How are you doing?” with “Making Do”, “Getting By”, or “Surviving”.
Instead, what I want to hear folks say is that they’re “Doing Great” or “Couldn’t Be Better”. Maine can do better. We can do better. Much Better. MAINE CAN THRIVE, NOT JUST SURVIVE.
I am committed to working in the best interests of all Mainers. That means creating reliable, good paying jobs that match Maine people’s skills; seeing that all Mainers have access to quality educational opportunities; encouraging innovation; supporting technology, renewable energy and Maine’s agricultural traditions; keeping our property taxes affordable; making Maine a place where working people can live and prosper; ensuring that every child, family, and senior can see a doctor when they are sick; and protecting our natural environment and resources for this generation and all those that follow us.
I am also determined to have the”Will of the Maine People” supported, not thwarted. For example Maine voters know we have the oldest population in the Nation and wisely passed, with overwhelming support, an Affordable Senior Housing Ballot Initiative in 2015 that would have constructed affordable senior housing in many counties across Maine, but this program was deliberately not funded by the current administration.

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