Freeport, Gray-New Gloucester, Waynflete, North Yarmouth Academy and Falmouth all descended on Greely’s home trails – that’s Twin Brook, in Cumberland – for a five-way meet on Friday afternoon, Oct. 7. The Greely boys won as a team, as did their girls, with Freeporter Henry Jaques finishing first by a wide margin in the boys’ race, and Ranger Katherine Leggat-Barr similarly dominating the girls’ competition.

Complete Boys Team Results
1. Greely, 34; 2. Freeport, 52; 3. Famouth, 71; 4. Waynflete, 98; 5. G-NG, 145; 6. NYA, 152

Top 25 Boys Individual Results
1. Henry Jaques, Freeport, 16:53; 2. Conner Piers, Falmouth, 17:26; 3. Willson Moore, Waynflete, 17:38; 4. Max Stickney, Greely, 17:44; 5. Luke Marsanskis, Greely, 17:46; 6. Matthew Todd, Greely, 17:53; 7. Alex Les, Freeport, 18:02; 8. Alex Kinley, Falmouth, 18:07; 9. Caleb Thurston, Greely, 18:11; 10. Patrick Lyden, Greely, 18:15; 12. Ben Wilson, Greely, 18:28; 13. Heath Cockburn, Freeport, 18:41; 14. Jack Gustafson, Greely, 18:45; 15. Tom Doyle, Freeport, 18:50; 16. Eero Pandora, Freeport, 18:51; 17. Brennan Flatt, NYA, 18:55; 18. Charlie Henning, Falmouth, 19:00; 19. Evan Donald, Freeport, 19:05; 20. Ayden Henson, Falmouth, 19:08; 21. PD Silk, Waynflete, 19:11; 22; Parker Morse, G-NG, 19:13; 23. Jared Troubh, Falmouth, 19:17; 24. Tanner Morrison, Freeport, 19:20; 25. Trevor Rafford, Greely, 19:22

Complete Girls Team Results
1. Greely, 22; 2. Falmouth, 58; 3. Freeport, 81; 3. Waynflete, 81; 5. G-NG, 134

Top 25 Girls Individual Results
1. Katherine Leggat-Barr, Greely, 19:45; 2. Carolyn Todd, Greely, 19:56; 3. Lily Horne, Freeport, 20:25; 4. Kate Curran Greely, 21:18; 5. Chloe Waldrep Greely, 21:43; 6. Hannah Berzinis, Falmouth, 22:03; 7. Ellie Chidsey, Waynflete, 22:17; 8. Ally Schimelman, Falmouth, 22:20; 9. Megan Alberding, NYA, 22:22; 10. Antoinette Lambert, Falmouth, 22:24; 11. Izzy Evans, Greely, 22:28; 12. Marin Provencher, Greely, 22:45; 13. Laura Pierce, Freeport, 22:55; 14. Julia Curran, Greely, 22:57; 15. Sophia Mayone, Waynflete, 23:26. 16. Anna Wildes, Waynflete, 23:26; 17. Maddy Adams, Falmouth, 23:40; 18. Emily Sclar, Freeport, 23:44; 19. Erica Schlichting, G-NG, 23:46; 20. Helen Harrod-Clark, Falmouth, 23:48; 21. Eloise King-Clement, Waynflete, 23:49; 22. Jessica Rroubh, Flamouth, 23:50; 23. Annie DeCastro, Famouth, 23:51; 24. Sarah Austin, NYA, 23:52; 25. Shannon Flaherty, Greely, 23:57

Jaques found Friday’s run a little on the exhausting side. “It was very, very tiring for me. I gave it everything I had today. I did a pretty hard workout two days ago, and I was hoping to run like 16:20, roughly, for a time, which I didn’t make, so I’m a little bummed about that. But that’s okay; it’s just a normal season meet. It doesn’t really matter.”

Because it’s a regular-season meet, Jaques didn’t take to the course with a particular game-plan in mind. “To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really go in with a strategy,” he said, chuckling. “It was just a normal, season meet, so I didn’t really take it very seriously. Besides this is a really hard course, so I think running a pretty good time on this course, or a fast time, would be asking a little too much of myself.”

“I was trying to run a steady pace the entire race; I wasn’t trying to go out slow and finish strong or go out fast and try to hold on. I was just going out at a pace I thought I could manage, and just tried to hold on to that.”

What makes the Twin Brook course so tough? A handful of factors, as Jaques explained: “Just tons of hills, a lot of really tight turns, and the gravel’s pretty loose.”

Jaques began to pull away from the competition fairly early. “Right as we entered the woods, I think. That’s when I started, kind of, being by myself – not hearing the people behind me.”

Friday’s was the last regular-season meet for the teams. Up next: WMCs on Friday the 14th, Regionals on Saturday the 22nd and States a week later. For his part Jaques is looking forward to the big competitions, and feeling confident. 

“I think I’m in a pretty good spot; I’m in pretty good shape. I intend to win States, so I’m going to have to start focusing on that. Over the next few weeks, I have one more week of decent training, and after that it’s just going to be taper until States.”

Freeport’s Henry Jaques handily won the boys race on Friday.

Finn Johnston finished in 21:14 for Freeport.

Ethan Ray of G-NG needed 20:45 to cross the line.

Paul Biberstein finished in 20:17 for Freeport.

Keegan Delaney finished in 19:46 for the Patriots.

Freeporter Evan Donald finshed 19th among all boys on Friday, in 19:05.

G-NG’s Parker Morse crossed in 19:13.

Freeporter Lily Horne took third on Friday, another strong finish for her on the season.

Freeporter Tom Doyle finished in 15th on Friday.

Heath Cockburn nears the finish line for Freeport.

Alex Les toughs out the home stretch at Twin Brook.

Freeporter Nick Mitch crossed the finish line in 21:17.

Jacob Arata of G-NG reels toward the finish line at Twin Brook on Friday.

Kylie Trawick finished in 26:25 for G-NG.

G-NG’s Abigail Chandler finished in 26:16.

Jessica Minieri finished in 25:30 for Freeport.

Caroline Stairs crossed the line in 25:18.

Melissa Hebert finished the Twin Brook course in 25:08 on Friday afternoon.

Freeporter Katie Morrissey approache the finish chute at Twin Brook on Friday.

Alison MacDonald crossed the line in 24:56 for G-NG.

Falcon Olivia Botting finished in 24:11.

Patriot Erica Schlichting had her team’s best finish on Friday afternoon, 23:46.

James Knighton crossed in 21:38 on Friday.