Carson for Senate

Late this Spring at a gathering in Brunswick’s Curtis Memorial Library, Everett “Brownie” Carson, formally announced his candidacy for a seat in the Maine State Senate.

This opened another phase in a decades-long successful career of service for the good of Maine’s citizens. His campaign platform highlights the following: Improving Maine’s educational opportunities; Building a strong economy; Protecting the environment and natural resources.

In his announcement speech he coined a phrase which stayed in my mind: “We must pursue our goals with both hope and determination,” which somewhat sums up his life’s work.

He has the career experience to succeed given his record of successful advocacy for both Maine’s environment and the less fortunate of our residents.

Brownie came to Maine as an avid outdoorsman in his teens. He attended Bowdoin for a bit in the early ‘60s then withdrew to join the Marine Corps. He served as platoon commander in Vietnam until wounded. He returned to Bowdoin to graduate and then to the University of Maine School of Law. For six years he was an attorney at Pine Tree Legal Assistance, then became Executive Director of the Natural Resources Council of Maine where he headed the push to protect land and water, advocating with corporations, the legislature and private citizens with great success, including removal of several hydroelectric dams on our majestic rivers, allowing return to their natural flow.

He is a volunteer ambulance driver for the Harpswell Neck rescue squad.

After considering his experience, and especially his hope and determination to contribute to greatly improving opportunity for Maine people, I urge you to mark your ballot for Carson for State Senate District 24 (Brunswick, Freeport, Harpswell, North Yarmouth and Pownal).

He’s the right person with the right credentials.

Ellen F. Toomey,

Support for Lyons

It’s time to make good decisions. It’s time to vote people into office who sincerely choose to serve the public’s best interest. We love our State of Maine and the Town we live in. For forty years me and my family have called Topsham home.

Over 24 years ago we met Ruth Lyons at the town office. She quickly and effectively took care of our problem. That day we learned what a public servant should be. Anytime we had a question, we went to her and received wise suggestions. She got the job done and we left with a smile and peace of mind.

Today, she has chosen to help her community by seeking election as our State Representative. Ruth has our vote because we know she has integrity and heart for making correct decisions . We hope you will vote for Ruth Lyons in November. Thank you.

Bonnie and Gary Wheeler,

Hillary for President

I am supporting the Democratic candidate for President Hillary Clinton.

In the summer of 1970 as a young woman attending high school in Bath Maine. I found myself becoming upset with what my government was doing in Vietnam. I became a volunteer in the Democratic Party. Now in 2016 I am equally upset, not because of our government, (that is another letter) but by what our government may become under the leadership of Mr. Trump.

I believe everyone has a right to belong to this great country, no matter your race, religion, color, or who you want to spend your life with.

Please join me in voting on Nov. 8!

Deb Smith,

Vote for Neilson

Will Neilson, the State Rep. District 53 candidate is out knocking on our doors, listening and championing the causes we value. A small business owner, he has long been engaged in local and state causes and has a record of responsible actions.

When we elect someone to the Maine House of Representatives, we want many things to be true.

We want a candidate who can hear our voice and is open to listening carefully but who has knowledge about the many diverse issues that will confront the legislature.

We care about the environment and believe climate change is real. We worry about the education our children are receiving and want a person who believes as we do that for Maine’s future, Maine’s children must receive a sound education.

We understand that small businesses are key to Maine’s economy and want someone who gets that. We are concerned about the future of solar and wind energy and about worker’s and senior’s issues and property taxes. We believe Maine should accept the many millions of dollars that would provide health insurance to 70,000 Mainers and create hundreds of jobs.

Our current Representative by his votes has demonstrated that he is not in line with our view for Maine’s future but we are fortunate to have a candidate who represents the issues that most concern us. Please join us in voting for Will Neilson on Nov. 8. He will be a champion for the future of Maine.

Sandra and Ole Jaeger,

Watson Dedicated to Community

I’m currently a senior in college, and have benefitted from having Byron Watson as a coach, mentor, and dedicated volunteer. There aren’t many candidates out there that can say they’ve helped a perfect stranger get into college and thrive as a person, but I need to make sure the voters of District #1 understand what a positive impact he has made on my life.

First of all, Byron Watson is our local candidate in the District #1 School Board race. But, he didn’t just move here with no knowledge of our local needs. Byron is a single father, raising two adorable children on his own, and is always ready from day #1 to work across the aisle to make sure our needs are addressed.

I not only encourage you to vote for Byron Watson, I encourage you to forward this letter to your friends and neighbors. My family is unconditionally supporting Byron so that Brunswick’s multi-generational population can have a future to look forward to in this beautiful place we call home.

Dan Stadden,