Politics is a “full contact sport.” It is not for the thin-skinned. Politicians and Political Action Committees often run negative smear campaigns that tell untruths to the point of spinning pure fiction. No one in Maine has experienced that more than our distinguished state senator, Amy Volk. Her character, her record, even her family, have been unfairly attacked and maligned by desperate candidates willing to do and say anything to defeat her. The very first mass mailing of this campaign came from her opponent and was nothing but an attack full of lies about Amy’s record. To make it even more pathetic, they were rehashed lies that didn’t work in the last election cycle. Fortunately for Scarborough, Gorham and Buxton, we have been represented by a woman with intestinal fortitude and moral compass to never once sink to their tactics.

As a Scarborough resident, Gorham businessman and concerned citizen, I have watched Amy carefully. I have been impressed with her ability to maintain her dignity from the very first contact she had with the media in 2010 after her opponent got himself in some legal trouble, to the approximately $350,000 her last opponent and his PAC friends spent hurling outrageous lies about her in statewide TV ads for a three-town race. Before running for the state House of Representatives in 2010, Amy had never run for elected office. She was a busy mother with a small home business, happily married to a third-generation business owner and living her life outside the fish bowl of politics. She knew what she was getting into but did not expect the vitriol that has been thrown at her. But, like any good champion, she takes the blows and fights back by doing the right thing to serve her district, and she does it with amazing civility and grace. If only we had more people like Amy in Augusta and Washington.

On a personal level I have known Amy and the Volks since our daughters played softball together almost 10 years ago. I was impressed by the Volks commitment to do whatever they could to help things go more smoothly. Whether it was helping the coaches, field work, the concession stand or coordinating rides they were always there selflessly giving a hand. Since becoming a state representative then a state senator, I have witnessed in Amy this same giving, caring, can-do attitude. Things seem to get done, efficiently and effectively when Senator Volk is involved. In short, Amy Volk is the kind of person that every organization would love to have and we are lucky to have her as our Senator.

While I am not naïve enough to think that one legislator can single handily change the culture of Augusta, I do know that we can do our part by sending Amy Volk back to Augusta, because every legislator we have like Amy makes a difference. Please vote for Amy Volk for the Maine Senate. Amy will continue to make Scarborough, Gorham and Buxton proud.

Norman Rutt