Jay Kilbourn definitely has the brain, heart and courage to send the Wizard of Oz packing! His opponent for state Senate District 34 mostly serves as a rubber-stamp for LePage. Jay’s experience and leadership skills are what we need to unite clear thinkers on both sides of the aisle to act to create new jobs through innovative technology. That’s using his brain!

Experience builds and empowers the brain. As regional vice president of Casella Resource Solutions, president of the board of trustees at Kennebunk Light & Power, and founding member of the Solar Association of Maine, to name a few, Jay Kilbourn has a resumé a mile long. This gives him the business leadership brain we need to unite excellent minds across the aisle into action for creating new jobs through innovative technology.

His heart will help enrich and protect the environment and all of us, from children to seniors. He understands that protecting our environmental resources, developing renewable energy and investing in the education of our children is a key to our financial future. He has volunteered as a school board member for our area and for No Place Like Home, to name a few.

Finally, he has the courage to take on the rusty, short-sighted, established concept that we will be wealthier spending less in taxes rather than investing in the growth of our assets and our future. As an economics major, I know that growth in jobs and innovation will reduce each individual’s future taxes and enrich our lives.

No need to follow the yellow brick road! Just vote for Jonathan “Jay” Kilbourn!

Ann Legg