Scarborough ousted visiting Bonny Eagle from playoffs contention in straight sets on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 22, thanks to the combined efforts of a long list of girls.

“I thought my passing group played very well: libero Emma Budway and defensive specialists Abby Snow, and Aubrey Humpage,” said Red Storm head coach Jon Roberts. “On offense, senior Haley Nelson, junior Natalie Simonton and freshmen middle hitter Asia Mattress had great games.”

Roberts offered additional praise for Mattress, saying: “Asia has come a long way in a few months and isn’t playing like a freshmen anymore. When she is aggressive and really calls for the ball she is very hard for other teams to stop.”

“A team effort,” said Bonny Eagle head coach Kelley Champagne, asked what her team needed to compete with mighty Scarborough. “Whitney Regan, Nicole Sfeir, Jenna Litif and Lauryn Fagan had aces vs. the Storm. Jenna Litif and Mia Ferrante combined for five blocks. Sam Morash, Jen turner and Megan Roy had nine digs, Fagan Corbett and Morash had six kills.”

Scarborough won each of the three sets by substantial margins. They took the first set 25-17, closing it on an ace. In the second set, the Scots kept the action close through the first four points, but then the Storm broke into a furious run, ultimately winning 25-9. They won the third set 25-14 – though, as Roberts observed, the Scots kept apace of the Storm for quite some time: 

“It was close until the middle of the set when two of my players went on good serving runs to close out the game,” he said. 

“We lost in straight sets but as a second year varsity team we were happy with everything we were able to accomplish,” said Champagne. “We served better and covered their hits more consistently. We were actually leading midway through set three and forced Scarborough forced to call a timeout.”

Scarborough dominated at the net throughout the match, though Roberts praised the Scots’ efforts on the return. “I thought we were clearly bigger and stronger at the net,” he said, “but Bonny Eagle played good defense and served well. We knew they would be a good defensive team but I think my kids were a little surprised by Bonny Eagle’s strong serving. I think they had a great season and their coaching staff is clearly doing a good job with the program.”

The No. 2 Storm moved to 15-1 on the win, while the No. 7 Scots retire till 2017 at 11-5. The outfits did not meet in the regular season, but it’s worth noting that Scarborough is one of the State’s most well-established programs, while volleyball is comparatively new to Bonny Eagle. 

“We have three years total of experience as a volleyball team and two as a varsity program,” said Champagne. “Several of our athletes have only played for two years. Our team has managed to grow tremendously with hard work and effort, but experience in volleyball and year-round play to get more touches on the ball is essential to the success of any team as you get further into the playoffs. 

“I am so unbelievably proud of what these athletes have accomplished in our two seasons as a recognized varsity sport,” Champagne said. “We look at a program like Scarborough that started in 2003 and only hope we can be as successful in developing talented players and teaching our young ladies to love the sport of volleyball. Coach Roberts has done a tremendous job and has been very gracious in helping new programs such as ours by coaching year round for Junior Olympic programs. An 11-3 record, hosting a playoff game and advancing to quarterfinals really sets the bar for the teams that follow. We hope this season helped to put volleyball on Bonny Eagle’s radar.”

Scarborough hosted upstarts Yarmouth (No. 6 this year, 12-4 after a prelim win over No. 11 Windham and a upset of No. 3 Biddeford) in Oct. 26’s semifinals, after Current Publishing’s print deadline.


Caroline Goodwin volleys in the shallow court for Scarborough on Saturday.

Mia Ferrante proved critical to the Scots’ successful season.

Samantha Morash volleys for the Scots vs. Scarborough on Saturday.

Stormers Natalie Simonton and Jillian Harvie block vs. Bonny Eagle on Saturday.

Haley Nelson battles a pair of Bonny Eagle blockers at the net.

Scarborough’s Asia Mattress – just a freshman – has already become an important contributor to the team’s success.

Whitney Regan returns a ball in the Scots’ battle with Scarborough on Saturday.

Bonny Eagle’s Mia Ferrante vies at the net with Red Storm opposition.

Scarborough’s Libby Chadbourne offers up a pass in the Storm’s bout vs. Bonny Eagle on Saturday.

Whitney Regan and a teammate dive after a dig versus Scarborough on Saturday.