I believe that Scarborough citizens want the best for all the members of our wonderful town! Someone that not only understands the importance of giving our children the best education, but also the ability to understand the needs of everyone in our community.

Annalee Rosenblatt has been a resident for 35 years and her involvement here is lengthy. She has served on the Board of Education for two terms, served on two Charter Review Commissions, member of Kiwanis, served on the 350th Committee, current member of Smartaxes Committee, current member of the Board of Directors of the Scarborough Chamber of Commerce as well as a former substitute teacher to name just a few of the many public service positions she has been involved in. Anyone that talks with her realizes right away that she has an understanding of what many of us do not as far as town/school business is concerned, not only at the town level, but the state level as well. Her knowledge, dedication and experience would be a huge asset for all of Scarboroughs citizens! Vote Annalee Rosenblatt for town council!

Paula Corbeau-O’Brien