I am upset that Maine voters are facing a laundry list of ballot questions on important and complicated issues.

When legislation emerges through the initiated petition and signature process, Maine’s constitution forbids the Legislature from amending the bill before it goes to voters.

Nowhere is this more egregious on our ballot this fall than Question 2, which proposes to add a 3 percent tax on household incomes over $200,000.

Did the drafters realize it would be assessed against Maine small and family-owned businesses that report their incomes on their individual income tax forms? I think not, because I think no one would want to lay the country’s second-highest marginal tax rate of 10.15 percent at the feet of Maine taxpayers.

Maine’s economy is struggling enough right now to attract business professionals. This tax would be detrimental to Maine’s hope for economic development. I urge you to vote “no” on Question 2.

Greg Gosselin