I support Jon Hinck in his bid for re-election as Portland’s at-large city councilor.

Jon has worked for the public good since he helped found the radical-action environmental group Greenpeace in the late 1970s. (His role in helping expose the catastrophic CIBA-Geigy chemical dump is well-chronicled in Dan Fagin’s book “Toms River”).

In Jon’s earlier service, as Portland’s Democratic representative to the Maine Legislature, I worked with him in Maine’s capital to push several bills he sponsored, including one, modeled on 2012 Washington state legislation, that proposed stricter controls upon prescribers, thus presciently anticipating the later explosion in Maine’s opioid addiction crisis.

I have seen Jon work relentlessly to support an enlightened liberal environmental, human rights and political agenda, while also maintaining an open-minded, always respectful attitude toward the resolution of conflict that inevitably arises in policymaking. Jon Hinck is the person best qualified to serve as our city councilor.

William Wilson