I was born and raised in Biddeford. I left in 1977 to pursue my education and returned in 1988, having earned my degree in dentistry. I was pleased to see that the community had voted to supplement our community drinking water with fluoride.

As a dental student, and as a dentist in the Air Force, I had seen the benefits of fluoridation. I had also been exposed to the myths surrounding fluoridation.

As a dentist, a citizen and a consumer, I’ve never seen or heard anything that would make me question the benefits of fluoridation. It’s disheartening that the Kennebunk, Kennebunkport & Wells Water District is again trying to remove optimum levels of fluoride from those consumers served by their district.

I encourage those voters affected by this referendum to get the information on water fluoridation. Talk to your dentist, physician or trusted health care providers and get the facts. Then vote “yes” on fluoride Nov. 8.

Dean G. Tourigny, DDS