How do we accept that this election year’s two-party line will survive us as, once again, the be-all and end-all? Without fail, we doom ourselves in a divisive loyalty pledge that leaves us choked in disarray, searching, unable to grasp prominent and critical solutions even for the common good, both here and abroad.

Appallingly, we have undertaken two of the most self-inflicted, trash-talking opponents, who have generated more questions than answers, mostly loaded with allegations of background criminality, with little substantial messaging toward the plan for our country and the international questions that besiege the peace.

How does this behavior inspire us to rally our daily lives and not allow the shameful onslaught of feeling used, of being the losers, who, in the end, must vote in a crapshoot mentality? It appears to be our lot that we will choose to lose.

As it is, we are somehow scripted to remain stuck in an embarrassing mudhole of two-party panic that is ours every four years, never to know of the best to hold that office and how to get them there. That is the sad truth that all free-thinking people must carry.

Wayne Bridgham