I support Ed Suslovic’s re-election to the District 3 Portland City Council seat.

The functions of city government are as complex as the interests of the people of Portland.

City councilors make vital decisions for Portland families in fire and police safety, human services, housing and land use, transportation and jobs, energy and the environment, and more.

The council is responsible for a $240 million annual budget and the efforts of 1,350 employees across more than a dozen departments.

Good intentions are the minimum of what it takes to do the job. Having content expertise, strong professional relationships and connections with a diverse community are essential to doing it well.

Ed is broadly engaged in our community; he is hard-working, conscientious and knowledgeable about the city’s operations and the personalities who run it. I support Ed because he’s effective and dedicated to the public good, even when it’s not easy.

Benjamin Dudley