Scarborough voters have the rare opportunity this year of having two candidates vying for the House District 28 office who have well-documented track records.

Chris Caiazzo has been elected to Scarborough’s most important nonpartisan boards, the School Board and the Town Council. He is proud of his advocacy for the people of Scarborough and his track record of bringing civility to deliberations within and between these two bodies. Heather Sirocki, former co-chair of Republican Women for LePage, has been elected to the Maine House three times and is proud of her advocacy on issues advanced by the Tea Party and of her support for Governor LePage, including almost all of his vetoes.

The contrast between track records is most striking on the issues of property taxes and funding for Scarborough’s schools.

With Mrs. Sirocki on the House Appropriations Committee, and with her support, the state shifted the cost of funding teacher retirements and other unfunded mandates to towns. Mrs. Sirocki also supported the state’s reduction of its share of funding for essential education services from approximately 53 percent to approximately 47 percent. This significant reduction in state support for education is partially responsible for the significant increases in Scarborough’s property taxes.

Chris Caiazzo understands first-hand the difficulties this trend has caused for locally elected officials and burden it has placed on local taxpayers and he is committed to making the state pay its fair share.

Voters appear to support Ballot Issue 2, on school funding, by a significant majority. If approved it is expected to provide Scarborough an additional $5 million in education funding. Mrs. Sirocki opposes Issue 2. Chris Caiazzo supports Issue 2.

Their track records are clear. It is also clear that we need a change in the way Scarborough is represented; we need Chris Caiazzo in Augusta.

Dwight Ely

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