Rep. Karen Gerrish, R-Lebanon, is running for re-election against Daniel Lauzon, a Democrat from Lebanon, in House District 20.

District 20 covers Acton, Lebanon and party of Shapleigh.

Gerrish, 48, is a teacher and former member of Lebanon’s Board of Selectmen who has served one term in the Maine House.

In her responses to a Portland Press Herald survey, Gerrish said she favors smaller government, lower taxes, less regulation and welfare reforms that put the elderly, veterans and truly needy first.

She opposes the ballot proposals to expand background checks for private gun purchases, raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2020 and legalize recreational use of marijuana.

Lauzon, 65, is a retired locomotive engineer who has worked on legislative initiatives in New England states related to rail safety and service expansion.

In his responses to the Press Herald survey, Lauzon said he opposes expanded background checks on private gun sales. He supports the ballot proposals to raise the minimum wage and legalize recreational use of marijuana.