Megan Doyle’s recent coverage of the Narrow Gauge Railroad’s move from Portland to Gray exposes multiple reasons why Gray citizens should vote “no” to a $500,000 grant.

No credible business plan was presented for public review.

 It’s an illusion that $500,000 will result in a working railroad project. Asked how much he’ll need to complete the project, railroad director Donnie Carroll has offered figures like $7 million and $14 million-$16 million, with only minor amounts raised over four years of effort.

 What about the ecological impact of operating through or near wetlands in Gray flats? There’s no evidence that permits are obtainable.

 Can the railroad come even close to the attraction the railroad has on the Portland waterfront? Woods and wetlands may not have the appeal to support the railroad.

The railroad is welcome to return to Gray citizens seeking support once a credible plan – not numbers pulled from the air – and broad-based financial support can be demonstrated.

James C. Monroe