In two Portland Board of Education terms, Laurie Davis has been a hard worker and tenacious in her support for all students, both kids and adults.

Understanding that the school board must work with the legislative delegation and the City Council, she gave persuasive testimony on school funding in Augusta to advocate for Portland’s needs, and as chair of the Finance Committee she worked effectively with the City Council to pass school budgets that supported our schools.

Laurie endorses the work of the School Facilities Ad Hoc Committee in developing a workable and affordable plan to meet Portland’s school facility needs that will have the support of both the school board and the City Council.

A pre-K educator by training, now working with older students, Laurie has consistently supported the expansion of pre-K programs because she knows early education ensures later success.

Please join me in supporting Laurie Davis with your vote Nov. 8.

Anne Haskell

outgoing Democratic state senator