At multiple candidate forums in races that affect me, the first question from the veteran moderator was always “What is voters’ biggest complaint and how will you solve it?” The complaint: property taxes.

Astonishingly, Republican Senate District 25 candidate Bart Ladd has a proven solution. His answer: the tax plan he created as a legislator in Georgia. It should become Mainers’ opportunity to slash their property taxes.

Rather than touting a $90 annual homestead exemption saving, as has his opponent, Democrat Cathy Breen, Senate candidate Ladd explained tax exportability. His tax plan still saves homeowners in his former district about 40 percent on their property taxes! This one-penny sales tax is exclusively used to reduce local property taxes.

Not a gimmick that disappears into the General Fund, this money goes directly back to property tax reduction. Support Bart Ladd in Senate District 25 for lower property taxes.

Bill Gardiner