Health care and child care issues are important to me, and I couldn’t disagree more with the record of Republican state Rep. Heather Sirocki, who’s seeking re-election in District 28.

She voted against a bill to strengthen childhood vaccination against deadly diseases; opposed expanding access to MaineCare for low-income Mainers; opposed using available federal funds to expand access to quality child care for working families; opposed action that would enable more police departments to adopt the program initiated by Scarborough police to get opiate addicts into treatment; opposed a bill requiring criminal background checks on day care providers and staff;, and opposed a bill to save drug overdose victims’ lives by making Narcan more widely available.

Democrat Chris Caiazzo will fight for all of these programs to help working families get access to more affordable health care and child care services, and expand access to treatment programs for those struggling with serious drug problems.

Steve Hendrickson