My wife and I are raising our three young children in Scarborough, which would receive a significant windfall if Question 2 passes. Yet we oppose Question 2 for two primary reasons.

 First, the distribution of the projected $157 million of new tax revenue would be inequitable.

Wealthy towns would get the majority of the funds (12 percent of these wealthier districts would receive 60 percent of the funds), while 100 communities, mostly rural towns throughout the state, would get no new money.

 Second, Maine would have the nation’s second-highest marginal tax rate.

This will have far greater negative effects than any new tax revenue generated by Question 2, including higher-income taxpayers moving to New Hampshire or another favorable tax state, driving existing business leaders, professionals and philanthropists out of Maine, and deterring potential new taxpayers from coming here.

Maine cannot afford those losses. Please vote “no” on Question 2.

Jeremy Deering