Once people have served in the Legislature, our decision whether to return them to office should depend on their proven record.

Democrat Cathy Breen has led on many issues and earned a 100 percent score on the Maine Conservation Voters report card. For Maine Senate, I’ll vote to re-elect Cathy Breen.

On the House side, Republican Mike Timmons proved he will bow to pressure from the governor against Cumberland’s interests.

He changed his vote on Land for Maine’s Future despite his promise to me. He told constituents he would vote for the solar bill, but he stayed away from that vote altogether to avoid taking a position.

He earned only a 33 percent score on votes on environmental issues. This record does not reflect Cumberland’s values.

Though I thank anyone who attempts public service, the record shows that Cumberland needs a new representative to the Maine House. I am voting for Democrat Dale Denno.

Karen Herold