We support Democrat Dale Denno for House District 45 (Cumberland and Gray).

Simply put, Dale would be a representative our citizens could be proud of. He is bright, energetic and passionate about issues confronting our state.

He has substantive experience in Augusta, both with a Democratic attorney general and a Republican-led Department of Health and Human Services, employing collaborative skills across party aisles to get things done. With impeccable integrity, he is willing to compromise to get good results if ones are to be gained.

Like other strong legislators from our district (Republican Rep. Meredith Burgess, Democratic Rep. Steve Moriarty, independent Sen. Dick Woodbury), Dale has the ability and the desire to be a leader who will forward our best interests in the district and in the state.

Please vote for Dale Denno to get the best man for the job to Augusta!

Sally and Ron Bancroft