As I’ve gotten to know Democrat Rachel Lyn Rumson over the last year, I’ve been struck time and again by her ability to lead, both in Gray as an alternate on our town’s Planning Board, and across the state as a team player in a wide variety of community efforts.

Never afraid to speak up for what’s right, Rachel works intelligently and diligently to serve the greater good. She has the courage and independence to reach across the aisle, bringing together diverse groups of people to benefit our entire community.

As a farmer and business owner, I know that Maine needs passionate, competent leaders who are prepared to go to bat for family farms like mine, and it makes me really excited to see Rachel step forward to represent Gray, Raymond, Casco and Frye Island in the Maine House.

On Nov. 8, I hope you’ll join me in voting for Rachel Lyn Rumson.

Lynn Gallagher