Thank you for sharing Mark Tappan’s Maine Voices column, “A call to resist ‘toxic masculinity,’ ” in the Maine Sunday Telegram on Oct. 24.

As a Colby College graduate and the mother of two young men, one who was the captain of two sports teams at Colby and graduated in 2014, I am proud that my alma mater is taking the lead in educating young men about respecting women.

Eric Barthold, a student-athlete at Colby and a 2012 graduate, is doing a marvelous job traveling to schools around the country and teaching young men about what it means to be a man in today’s world. It’s complicated, and gender roles are changing every day. At its base, however, it all comes down to respect.

As a mother, I always felt a responsibility to teach my sons to respect women. I am proud that they respect and love their mother, their girlfriends, their four female cousins, their aunts and their two beloved grandmothers.

All education starts at home, and families bear the responsibility to model the behavior that all of our sons will continue in adulthood as they go out into the world.

Nancy Marshall


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