I just became an American citizen and can vote in my first election.

I’m from Scotland and recently visited old haunts, where the most popular topic was Donald Trump, who is almost universally detested there because of his despoilment of the countryside for profit motives. He bulldozed a beautiful area of sand dunes in Aberdeenshire to create a golf course – are there not already enough of those in Scotland?

Since then Trump has made many more pronouncements that are completely contrary to Scottish values. The Scottish government saw his true colors, stripping him of his title as honorary business ambassador to Scotland. His honorary degree in business administration was also removed.

Everyone I spoke to was horrified at the thought of someone with such low moral standards becoming U.S. president. Glasgow taxi drivers are the touchstone for common sense, and they tell it like it is: “That Trump, he’s a dangerous man”!

Anne Smith


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