On Sunday, the weather didn’t turn out quite as nice as I expected, with more in the way of clouds and even a few showers.

A few towns saw what we call “graupel,” which is basically small pieces of hard snow. Some folks mistake it for sleet or hail, both of which form differently. Graupel is white and definitely gives the feeling winter is coming.

The sun was up before 6:30 a.m. today, giving us more light on the way to work.

The sunrise of 7:23 a.m. in Portland Saturday was the latest of the year, and we won’t see anything like that until next November. Since we moved daylight saving time until after Halloween, we now have our latest sunrises in November, not late December and early January. Those sunrises are about 10 minutes earlier than last week’s sunrises.

This morning, we find high pressure in control. This will keep our weather dry and mild through Wednesday before a frontal system brings a chance of a shower back to the area.

High pressure will keep the weather storm free for the foreseeable future

High pressure will keep the weather storm free for the foreseeable future.

Temperatures will be about average today and then warmer-than-average highs will come our way Tuesday, when many spots reach close to 60 degrees. If you have the day off, it will be a great one to rake some leaves or get in a fall round of golf.

Eventually, we are going to trend colder for the second half of this week and the weekend. A reinforcing shot of cold air from Canada looks to keep our readings in the 40s this coming weekend for that Thanksgiving weather feeling a few weeks ahead of schedule.

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