This message needs to get around to everyone who has a well. The fact that the incidence of bladder cancer in Maine is 20 percent higher than the national average should catch Mainers’ attention. So should the fact that less than half of the Maine people using wells get their water tested.

It is also interesting that our beloved governor followed his pattern by vetoing a bill to encourage well water education and testing. (Both of his election wins were good warnings of what happens when people cast a protest vote for a third-party candidate who has no real chance of winning.)

This message has personal implications. My wife, Melicent, may have saved a friend’s life by listening to her talk about her chronic physical problems and suggesting she get her well water tested for heavy metals.

It turned out that my wife’s friend had very high levels of arsenic in her water. Her husband and daughter didn’t have the same symptoms because they didn’t drink as much water at home as she did.

We have had our well water tested several times but could probably get it done again, with an emphasis on heavy metals.

Harvey Versteeg