Your editorial of Nov. 5 accused Gov. LePage of playing on Mainers’ fears of refugee resettlement. You referred to the World War II era and the mistakes and misconceptions of that time, a weak argument.

Times have changed. There is a terrorist sect of the Muslim religion that is dedicated to killing nonbelievers. Are they in the refugee group?

Gov. LePage has indicated that Maine would no longer participate in any resettlements. When considering the recent massacres in Paris, France, and in San Bernardino, California, by seemingly peaceful Muslim refugees, the governor and our citizens have a right to be concerned, particularly because the federal background vetting of refugees is inadequate, and because refugees put a financial drain on our citizens.

Your newspaper has taken a cheap shot at Gov. LePage when he has noted a serious matter. How does the Press Herald know who is the persecuted and who is the terrorist?

Thomas F. Shields