On Nov. 6, our black Lab mix Pepper was let outside and vanished. He is almost 16 years old and has physically deteriorated a great deal this past year. He has trouble standing for very long because his back legs give out. We were extremely worried about his survival.

I called the Wells Police Department to let them know we had a lost dog. They sent Sgt. Adam Shaw and Officer Kevin Schoff to our house at 1 a.m. to look for him.

They were tremendously helpful and went above and beyond what we expected, searching for and eventually finding Pepper. They searched for our dog as carefully as if he were an elderly person with dementia.

We did not have the opportunity to thank them personally, and we want to thank them now for the difference they made in our lives that night. Exceptional police officers! Wells Police Department should be proud of these two outstanding men.

Linda Petersen