We had it coming.

We had no clue how many people we had left behind. Now we do. We had it coming. Democrats and Republicans.

The results of the election might seem devastating. You might feel truly frightened. But we had it coming.

We failed, Democrats and Republicans, to hear the voices. Now we have. We had it coming.

Far and wide, we’ve elected politicians who left people behind. We had it coming.

We Democrats bask in our self-righteous we’re-all-in-this-together worldview. But we didn’t really mean it. We had it coming.

Establishment Republicans were even more oblivious. They never pretended to care about the dispossessed. They had it coming.

Donald Trump knew all this. He had it coming.

The good news is, now we all know. Don’t leave people behind.

I know what I’m going to do now. I’m going to reach out to someone who thinks differently from me. I missed it. I had it coming.

John Hagan