This is in response to Anthony Winslow’s Nov. 6 letter to the editor.

Mr. Winslow’s position is that football is unsafe. I understand many people believe that to be the case, but Mr. Winslow’s language is inflammatory and irresponsible.

With the right equipment and the right coaching, football is perfectly safe. Sure, there are bumps and bruises, as there are in hockey, soccer and other sports.

He says, “Kids are getting seriously injured and even killed all of the time in football.” “Killed”? “All of the time”? Does Mr. Winslow also think people get struck by lightning all of the time?

Referring to young people, Mr. Winslow says incredulously, “We make them wear helmets riding bikes and flashing lights on Halloween. … Then we let them (encourage them!) to play football.” Yes, they wear helmets, but they still go biking. Yes, they wear flashing lights, but they still go trick or treating. And, yes, with proper coaching and equipment, they can play football.

Most kids don’t play tackle football beyond high school. People can play pick-up soccer, softball and other sports into their 70s, but most kids won’t strap on football pads beyond their senior year in high school – and to deny them this experience over ill-informed risks is bad for our kids and our communities.

Andy Steinharter