Thanks to everyone who helped me run for the Maine House from District 29 in Scarborough. You gave $5 Clean Election contributions, drove me around, wrote letters of support, put up lawn signs, gave me advice and counsel, took me to events, talked to our neighbors. And voted. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite make it. However, we can be proud of our principled effort.

Thanks to the Democratic Party staff at the state and local levels who told me what to do and helped me do it. It was a tremendous campaign that paid off for our state.

Congratulations to my Republican opponent, who ran a principled campaign. In another life, we might even be friends, as long as we didn’t talk politics.

I look forward to staying active in town and state affairs. I have now met many more of our neighbors, and I have a renewed appreciation of how much we all care for our country and our American values.

Theodora J. Kalikow