An election like no other – the propulsion behind getting a political change in Washington was the desperate need to bring economic relief to the middle-class workers of America. That was a genuine message sent by voters in this past presidential election to those running for the office of president of the United States.

The one who captured that message right at the start of the primaries was Donald Trump. He carried that message along with a sorry list of insults and crude and disparaging remarks against a host of innocent victims throughout the whole campaign. Those who voted for him seem willing to forget and forgive his lack of humility and decency in order to have their message addressed.

Most of us understand the message but do not and perhaps never will understand the messenger. Standing by a candidate who has opposing viewpoints about change is one thing, but to pretend to support the deeply flawed character of Donald Trump as he assumes the mantel of the presidency is another.

I saw him clearly for over a year as he defined himself to the American public, and that vision will never change or be forgiven by me and many other Americans. He is what he is! The usual spirit of forgiveness and support for a newly elected presidential candidate who we might not have endorsed has been the rule in most previous presidential elections.

This election has shown us a radical difference in style, rhetoric and irrational behavior that we have never seen in our lifetime. To waive our distress and outrage in an act of forgiveness would be to allow his past behavior to be acceptable. So at this time, many other Americans and I will be flying the American flag at half-staff in our hearts.

John Oser