Rioters are as anti-American as you can get: “My candidate didn’t win, so I’ll destroy other people’s property and disrupt people’s lives.”

A clip on the TV news showed an Afro-American shopkeeper screaming at the demonstrators, “Why are you breaking my windows? I didn’t vote for (Donald) Trump either.”

Don’t these rioters and demonstrators have anything better (constructive) to do? Like jobs? Being home with family? Bettering themselves? Studying?

If they don’t like the way we elect our government leaders, work within the system to change it. If the Democratic nominee had won the election, would we have seen demonstrations and riots? I don’t think so.

Regarding Page A12 of the Nov. 10 Portland Press Herald, with the editorial (“Our View”) about “a double standard for women candidates” and the lead letter to the editor (“Trump victory a setback for women”): I would have to say that I would have voted for a female to be president of the United States in a heartbeat, but not this one. Most of those on my short list have gotten out of government and didn’t want anything more to do with it.

We have to give the president-elect a chance to prove himself and hope he surrounds himself with intelligent people to help “make America great again.”

Wesley Carter

Old Orchard Beach