I offer congratulations to Donald Trump on what was an extraordinary victory. As a loyal citizen and yes, a proudly progressive Democrat, I wish him and his administration well as he assumes power and tries to unite the country and move it forward.

While I welcome the conciliatory tone of his acceptance speech and his appeal for us “to come together as one united people,” it will take more than well-honed platitudes to get us there.

I have innate respect for the presidency, but the office holder has to earn my respect. I can only hope that the political animal who campaigned is not the man who will step into the White House on Jan. 20. He came to prominence and campaigned on the back of lies about President Obama’s birth, horrific racist insults and loud-mouthed bigotry.

He should bear in mind that a plurality voted against him and fear and anxiety are widespread. As a step on the road to healing, and as the victor of a bitterly divisive campaign, he needs to begin by apologizing and making amends to all the minorities he offended in the course of his scorched-earth campaign.

Derek Campbell