Donald Trump vilified and condemned reporters when he was a candidate. As president-elect for the past week, he seems to have moved on to simply ignoring them.

Defying the usual presidential press protocols, Trump has twice in the past week ditched the pool of reporters who follow him in public. The latest incident occurred Tuesday night, when reporters were led to believe by his staff that he had retired for the night – only to learn that he was at dinner with his family at a restaurant in New York.

Trump has not held a news conference since the election and has not designated a surrogate to brief reporters on his transition. This has left journalists in the dark about key appointments and other developments with his new administration.

The pool consists of a small group of reporters who follow the president and president-elect to all public appearances and act as proxies for hundreds of other reporters. This “protective pool” – which is cleared by the Secret Service – then shares its observations with fellow journalists.