As a Democrat and a Hillary Clinton supporter, I’ve felt confused about what to think and feel, and how to be in this post-election America.

I know I do not want to spend the next four years as a Donald Trump obstructionist. Those who spent the last eight years obstructing Barack Obama and his initiatives are not a role model for me. I will not join anti-Trump rallies. I do not want to spend time mourning what could have been. And I will not move to Canada.

I would like to pledge myself to stand with those who have been singled out by Trump and are at greatest risk of harm from his presidency. We all have the power to stand with those who have come under the harsh spotlight of fear, prejudice, disempowerment and scapegoating. No one should have to stand alone, isolated and afraid.

To those of us withdrawing into cynicism or despair, stand. Our voice is needed more than ever.

To those of us contemplating a move to Canada, stand. We must not relinquish the tremendous power of this country to those who oppose its basic principles.

To those of us huddled in fear over what this means to our fellow Mainers: women, members of minority religions, ethnic groups of color, individuals with disabilities, immigrants and our LGBTQ community, stand.

Mainers don’t let Mainers stand alone.

Fred Wolff