This letter responds to an article that highlights the city’s continued contradiction of its housing policies by anti-housing actions (“Portland councilor wants to delay Munjoy Hill condo project,” Oct. 11).

A proposed moratorium, ostensibly aimed at regulating all properties next to parks in the East End, would, in truth and as overtly acknowledged, single out a particular development by delaying its ability to move forward under existing rules.

Given the demand for housing in the Portland area, especially in the city’s East End, this is the exact opposite of what the City Council should be contemplating. Views are important, but so is housing.

Also, according to the article, the developer appears to have “tweaked the proposal” already by making changes described by a community leader as “dramatic” – and Portland should continue to work with the developer, not against him, as the project is fully reviewed.

Changing the rules after money has been spent to avoid impacts on a park’s “essential character” is counterproductive, against stated public policies, and ignores the good-faith efforts that appear to have been made to get this right – setting a bad precedent for anyone looking to do business in this fair city.

City councilors will act on this proposal Monday night, and they should vote it down if they’re serious about housing policy.

Michael Atienza

commercial broker