With Donald Trump elected president, we can kiss our positive climate change hopes goodbye.

If the discussions about climate change had been as fruitful and serious 30 years ago as they are today, we could maybe spare four more years of no real positive action toward greening our planet. But this isn’t 30 years ago, and the planet is, well, very hot.

As some of us know and perhaps some of you reading this know, this has been the warmest year ever recorded. Earlier this year, Maine experienced the fastest ice-outs on our lakes ever recorded. We are in a drought, and there was also an unprecedented algae bloom Down East.

Trump will not be a champion on any of these issues. In fact, he will – as his platform suggests – make the matter much more serious by continued inaction or tearing down the Clean Power Plan, furthering the use of coal and expanding natural gas operations in the Midwest.

Now is the time, more than ever, to take a stand and organize.

Andrew LaVogue