The city of Portland has posted key portions of its draft comprehensive plan and is seeking public input on the document, which will guide zoning and planning decision for the next decade.

Portland’s Planning & Urban Development Department drafted visions for the city’s economy, environment, housing, open spaces, transportation, waterfront and other aspects of the community. The department spent the past year surveying residents and meeting with stakeholders, neighborhood groups, immigrants, students and others to develop the 10-year vision.

The draft elements are available for review on the City’s website.

Public comments and questions, and requests for presentations by the planning staff, should be sent to [email protected]

Review of the draft elements will continue for the next few weeks before the document is revised for a final draft. The Planning Board, and ultimately the City Council, will hold hearings on the Comprehensive Plan. If adopted, it will also be forwarded to the State to be reviewed for consistency with the State’s Growth Management Act.